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When it Comes to In-Home Care, Companionship is Key

In-home care isn’t just about having a caregiver make sure your loved one takes their medications on time. At Clark Care, Inc. one of the biggest components to our home care services is companionship.

What is senior companionship?

Caregiver companionship for your loved one is all about establishing a positive relationship between the two individuals. Clark Care, Inc. will work tirelessly to make sure that your senior is perfectly matched with one of our professional caregivers. A good match is crucial to the beginning stages of friendship and companionship.

Our in-home caregivers are there to interact with your senior — whether it be playing a board or card game, reading aloud, sharing a laugh, memory or concern.

Why companionship is important

Studies have shown that nearly 13.5% of older adults show signs of depression, and this statistic is even higher for seniors who live alone. Many elderly citizens across the US experience feelings of pessimism or helplessness, loss of interest in activities or hobbies, or have decreased energy. With in-home care, having another individual in your senior’s life when you aren’t present is a major benefit.

Our caregivers are here to bring light back into your loved one’s life. They are professionally trained to pick out even the slightest differences in mood and are capable of turning any negative situation around.

If you believe your loved one could benefit from companionship and in-home elder care, contact Clark Care, Inc. today so we can find a caregiver for you.

Common In-Home Senior Care Services

In-home senior care is one of the best services to come out of the elderly care industry in a long time — and for good reason. Your loved one is able to live in the comfort of their own home and the costs can end up being significantly less than they would be at a nursing facility.

But what does in-home care entail? At Clark Care Inc, our professional caregivers provide the following services.

  • Personal Care. Personal care can include everything from washing and bathing, to dressing and making sure that medications are taken or administered on time. Our professional caregivers are always there to give your loved one support throughout the day.
  • Homemaking. This in-home care service includes basic home cleaning tasks such as dusting, moping and vacuuming, as well as laundry and dishwashing. Meal preparation is also a big part in the homemaking service we provide here at Clark Care Inc, and you and your loved one can choose the menu!
  • Companionship. Our caregivers are professional, qualified, and friendly. Your loved one will be matched up with a caregiver who will provide company throughout the day. Transportation services are also provided to doctors appointments, family or friend gatherings, and trips across town or state.
  • Specialized services. Prepared for anything, your loved one’s caregiver will be there whenever you need them. Clark Care Inc can provide 24/7 emergency response care in case of slips and falls. We also specialize in tending to those with degenerative disorders and disability.

If you believe your loved one can benefit from in-home senior care, contact Clark Care Inc today so we can immediately start matching you with one of our expert caregivers.

Reasons Why Your Loved One Should Still Live at Home

We often take for granted living at home; we don’t realize the benefits to living independently until we lose that independence. For our aging loved ones, it’s important to know that they too want to be independent. The only difference is that our loved ones just need a little bit more help on a daily basis.

If you and your family are torn on making a decision regarding your aging loved one, take the time to review these five benefits of having them live at home for as long as they can.

  1. Improves Quality of Life. At Clark Care Inc., our professional home caregivers are always available to help your loved one with everyday chores around the house so that they can better enjoy their day. It’s time consuming to take care of meal preparations and cleaning as we age, so why not hire a helping hand?
  2. Personalized Schedule. Your loved one will be able to stick to their daily routine and make their own schedule. A caregiver will always be there to drive them to appointments or run errands with them, but with in home senior living, there’s no need to follow a schedule as one might have to at a nursing home.
  3. Cost Effective. Senior home care is often more cost effective in the long run as opposed to opting for a nursing home or retirement community. Retirement communities are expensive due to the meals provided, the housing, and added amenities such as clubs and activities.
  4. Improved Socialization. Although living in a senior living facility can improve socialization, it can often get overwhelming for seniors to live in a space with hundreds of other people. Living at home will allow your loved one to get some peace and quiet when they want it, as well as socialize with their caregiver and close friends.
  5. One-on-One Assistance. Nurses in assisted living communities are often very busy and it’s difficult to have their undivided attention. At Clark Care Inc., your loved one will have their very own senior caregiver on hand that will always be familiar with any medical needs.

Our in home senior care company is all about letting your loved one remain independent for as long as possible. Contact us today to find out more about what makes us different!

Medication Dispenser Features & Benefits

Clark Care Inc. employs MedMinder pill dispenser that utilizes a locking function to ensure the safety and comfort of the users and their loved ones. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of mis-dosing on daily medication.

IMG_0009How it works

The dispenser uses a locking feature that allows the user to access only the right compartment at the correct time of day, ensuring that the appropriate dosage is available to the user when needed. All other compartments are locked until the medication is meant to be delivered. The medication dispenser can be controlled remotely via a website. The dispenser contains 28 separate compartments to accommodate a four-week supply of medication.

How it is used

The dispenser provides the user with a timely reminder in the form of a flashing light when it is time for the user to take their medication. If the compartment is not opened within a designated period of time, the user will receive an auditory prompt and again, if the compartment is not opened within a designated period of time Clark Care will receive an automatic phone call, text message or email alerting us to take action.

The dispenser keeps a record of client activities that Clark Care can access by using
the MedMinder website or receive real-time updates by email or text messages.

What is Private Senior Care?

Private Senior Care is also known as Home Care or Home Health Care.  The goal of Private Senior Care is to ensure that the elderly or homebound, receive care at home, tailored to meet their personal needs to remain as functional and independent as possible. If you are homebound as the result of illness, injury or surgical procedure, studies show that patients recuperate more quickly and successfully when recovering at home as compared to recuperation in a medical facility, while reducing the number of hospital readmissions.

Private Senior Care benefits for the Client Family

Often, a family member assumes the role of caregiver to their elderly or homebound loved one. Private Senior Care provides a respite to that family member, allowing him or her to attend to personal needs, while having the peace of mind that their loved one is receiving personalized professional care.

What to expect from Clark Care

The needs of each client and family are evaluated by a member of our nursing staff. After assessing the personalities and necessary skills we make every effort to make the best client/caregiver match. We recognize the importance of the personal relationship between the client and caregiver and its role in health and happiness. The caregiver is given a thorough orientation to familiarize them with the specific needs of the client and there will be regular visits by our nursing staff to ensure that we exceed your expectations.

Welcome to Clark Care

Welcome to the new Clark Care website. Here you will be able to get in touch with one of our home care representatives, learn more about our elderly care services and find out more about how Clark Care can make a significant impact on your quality of life.

Our Caregivers

Our nursing staff provides constant supervision to our caregivers, which includes regular visits to every client’s home. Each visit is a learning opportunity for our caregivers as we raise our expectations. We have caregivers who have been with us for decades and have benefited from this constant supervision. Our Caregivers are among the best available anywhere.

What to Expect

Every effort will be made to make the best client/caregiver match. We recognize the importance of the personal dynamic between client and caregiver and its role in health and happiness. However, you’re the boss and we will gladly make caregiver changes if requested.

For more information please contact us at 781-729-1601 or click here to fill out our contact form.