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Homecare Staff Information Qualifications Winchester MA Clark Care Inc.“To all of you at Clark Care who cared for my mother:
I want to extend our appreciation for the loving care and understanding you extended to her during her illness. You were all more than her nurses, you were good friends and companions.

“I really appreciated your responsiveness and flexibility in meeting our unique needs. Since we were dealing with a sudden accident, there were many unknowns during the crisis which made making plans ahead nearly impossible. I appreciated all your patience and understanding with our situation and your ability to meet our needs with very short and constantly changing notice!
Thanks Again,”

“The nurses that were sent to our home were exceptional. They were sharp, personable women who met the needs of the patient as well as the family. As a nurse myself, my standards are high and your organization certainly met them. “Peace of mind” is what you provided me (a caretaker), and that is very difficult to achieve in times of illness.
Thank you so much!!”

“You made my wife’s recovery pleasant and possible.”
Dr. S.